Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The TTT experience.

What do you do, when tomorrow is your long awaited Team Time Trials?
The one where you have been putting in the time to train ever 2 days, doing painful interval sprints, going all the way down to Changi Coastal just to ride a flat straight with no traffic lights, when gathering 3 other dedicated Team oriented team members to ride in that same straight line...

Okay, let me get to the point. You prepare! You take your Mum's weighing machine meant for measuring the very precise measurements needed to go into the mixture of flour and baking soda and whatever it is that you use to make cakes and use it to find our which bottle cage is lighter and use the lighter bottle cage for the race!


Not just the bottle cages actually, the bottle cage bolts I swapped out for lighter ones to, took out the chain stay protector, tweaked the aero bar position slightly and of course wiped the bike down for that showroom shine!

And so I rode down the the race venue, taking my time and treating the journey as a nice slow warm up, only to be passed by a elite looking time trial rider all pimped out with a full skin suit, aero helmet, rear disc wheel with those dizzy white and black spiral patterns leaving me slighty light-headed as he whooossed pass me.

As a reached the venue, and saw the pros warming up on trainers:

The atmosphere to me was eye opening, the difference in level between me and the pros were pretty big! The bikes all drool worthy, carbon everything! I was told a T3 carbon TT handlebar cost $654... That's more expensive than my whole bike! I was soaking it in and can't wait to start!

However, now that I think about it... I didn't see much media covering the event, just basically cyclists with cameras... Oh well...

A pretty refreshing sight were also the hand cyclists! Some had rear aero disc(s) too! Pretty hardcore!

Pictures Courtesy of dirtraction.com

I'm back from exams, expect more reading material!

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