Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slow days.

Work is really too much  nowadays, due to the upcoming holidays.

Yes holidays! I won't be blogging at all next week! Sry my loyal readers!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

White + Blue = Offroad

I just saw a similarity, although distant... Both had white blue black theme and offroad capability. I miss the thrill of going offroad!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things on a bike

As a bike nut, i like looking at some bling on a bike, new parts, unique modifications, carbon, bags, anything really.

Almost above all? Girls. Men will be men!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spotted: CAS boys, or shall I say girl?

I think they were doing a practice Tour de Singapore... And I was riding my mountain bike at the time... Aww...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The saddle lock up.

This is how I lock my saddle, at first it was due to fears of my market bike have a quick release system. Now it's just for deterrence. It's some cheap cable lock i got for free. It's on the long side so I had to wind it around my seat post a few times. When I had quick release I wound it up pretty tight. Such that if anyone tries to release the QR, the seatpost will slide in towards the frame due to the tension. Making it impossible to pull out. Overkill really.

This is a much cheaper way to secure your saddle, get an old chain. You probably have a chain breaker if your are a hardcore cyclist. If not go to a bike shop and ask a favour or pay a small fee to get it done. Nice bike shops will give you an old chain free, but try getting one that isn't rusty and clean it up!

Or you could simply wrap it in a old tube, or sew up some rags/cloth to cover the chain. Variations on the path the chain takes it totally at your disposal.

It can really give a slick looks, since you can control the length and alter the material used to cover the chain.

That cable you bought together with your ulock is fine too, just lock it through the saddle rails.

Or if you have a spare U lock... The saddle is a Brooks btw... Premium stuff.

Or just lock it together with your beefy chain my letting the padlock go through one of the saddle rails! Brooks saddle again.

Certain pictures have been taken from here : bikesnobnyc

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reporting traffic incidents for cyclists: Collision with Taxi

This is more of a re-post from my personal blog... Since my dad recently told me that the police has sent me a letter regarding the incident. Not sure about the letter's content though.

Basically I was cycling home from school, on Bukit Timah Road. heading towards Adam Road from just before National Junior College. Bukit Timah road is a rather nice place to cycle, especially the direction of which I was heading. It always felt like a really minor descent, nice straight road with few traffic lights and decent sized road width. I was spinning on full outer, going faster than usual. But being careful, as most cars think cyclists move at the speed of pedestrians. Cautious about cars about to enter the road from the left and buses that were overtaking me.

Right, so I was spinning saw some dude flagging for a taxi. Just before the bus stop for NJC under the bridge. Next thing I know, from the corner of my eye, coming from the right. A yellow city cab. A new Hyundai Sonata. Red brake lights come on. I'm on the brakes hard. The Taxi swerves in. My rear tires start to skid. I endoed into his rear bumper.

I looked at the guy who flagged the Taxi, he was obviously in a rush to go somewhere. Staring at me. I gave him a "you still want to take this taxi I'm gonna start yelling at you look." And he started running away, to try get another taxi. The driver still oblivious to what has happened was wondering where his customer went. And slammed on the boot of the taxi and he got out.

The picture shows the first thing he did when he came out. I'm fine thank you. After his inspection he asked me in Mandarin, "You hit my car ah?".

I replied" Ya, you didn't see me ah?"

"Never, really never"

"IC please."

"Why you want my IC", takes out his IC.

"I want to make a police report." Actually, I just wanted to "take" down his details and basically scare him so he doesn't drive that way again.

"Boy, No need make police report la. Why you want to make?"

"So that if you do it again, the police has records that you are a repeat offender. And justice will be served."

The taxi driver was pissed, he took another look at his precious bumper and drove off. What really made me angry was that he wasn't the least bit apologetic, didn't care whether i was hurt, and even tried persuading me to do away with the police report.

So, I didn't to make the police report anyway. Who knows? Maybe he has a dozen drivers honking him from behind thanks to his dangerous techniques used to get customers. If he keeps it up, people are going to get hurt.

When I made the police report, I asked the officer, "It's true I was unhurt, but can I make a police report for the record?"

"Actually, as long as a accident involves a pedestrian. You must make a police report. Cyclists are considered pedestrians." The officer said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Ride safe all!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Radical Stimulus: Travel Movies

This was what really got me thinking that a long distance bike trip is possible and was an interesting watch. I took some time to watch it, since it's a couple of episodes long! Fun. I wanted to do what he did after watching it! Get your motivation up!

I have not watched this movie yet though... Anyone wanna give me reviews?

Another mad mad video on a crazy crazy distance mountain bike race. It's so long... that the gap between each rider can be a couple of days apart. Truly epic.

Most recently I caught this movie, beware though it has a sad ending. But it kinda gave me a strong message about materialism and doing things in life.

God I miss my bike.

Friday, April 15, 2011

For better health.

Human-Powered Health from solve on Vimeo.

Want to go our and ride yet? :D

How many of you cyclist get sick often? I know not me!

And yes, I feel I am eating a lot... Not exactly a bad thing, since I save one transport and use it for one of life's greatest pleasures, food!

Spotted, double rear suspension

I have heard many stories about sturdy racks being on full suspension bikes being impossible.

Is this a possible answer? It looks like a scooter really, but how efficient will it be?

It does look pretty comfy though... Seen something similar? Mail me!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bike hack : Dustbin lid

Probably to keep the wild animals away from thrash, after all I have seen many discarded bikes around already. As usual work is keeping me busy, but I would like to thank sister site for linking me! Views on my blog have increased! Woot. I will work harder :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sakura viewing ride.



Last week end I went on this "Sakura viewing ride", it was probably the best time to ride as the Sakuras were in full bloom and every was out having "Sakura viewing parties" aka O-Hanami.I will let the pictures do the talking...

Gambette Japan! Hope the Sakuras help lighten the mood in spite of the earthquakes... Disaster after disaster...

Monday, April 11, 2011

My rear shifter cable broke...

I was riding home after work, on a Friday (Does rebecca remind u of anything?). I wanted to take a hill easy, so I wanted to shift up a couple of gears. I pushed the thumb shift and CLICK. I stopped. Looked around to see if anything broke, saw nothing I continued riding. Only to have the gear shifter down instead of up, initial reaction was maybe it just out of tune and shifted down. So I wanted to shift up, but there was zero tension/resistance.

That was when I guessed the shifters itself gave way, although i now know it was the cable instead. I was able to continue riding, the rear dee went to its "natural" position (the smallest cog). Yesterday, I went to inspect the bike and saw this.

Sweet. I searched youtube oh rear dee adjustment as i knew there were such things as lower and upper limits. So what was initially a 24 speed bike, after losing a cog was supposedly to be a 21 speed bike, but the actual usable gears are more like a 18 speed bike( after my bike hack with a paper bag), is now a pitiful 3 speed bike. Thanks to the front dee. Gee...


If any1 is wondering, I screwed the "H" limit all the way to try and get a lighter gearing. Good to know stuff.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bus Rapid Transit : Guangzhou

If it can work in China, it can work anywhere.

Its infrastructure is pretty low cost, and scalability is really high too.

It's high time the government improves our transport system. Instead of just adding more trains and buses, they need to look further ahead.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Difficult to ride?

Visited a LBS called Hillclimb , courtesy of a nice manager. he said this bike is difficult to ride.... I wonder why!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Lock hacks?

Bikehacks posted this:

I was always thinking if I had a longer padlock like that will it actually do the job of securing a wheel? Well, it definitely more hardly than a cheap cable lock! How about some shorter and than maybe just lock the rear wheel with the part of the frame nearest the front dee, albeit just slight on top.

Know what I mean? Damn, some bike shop should sponsor me to keep coming up with ideas to deter thieves.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radical Stimulus : Streetfilms

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

If you know about Youtube, you probably know about Vimeo, and so should know about Streetfilms! Sometimes they really upload some really nice videos on commuting. And it motivates me to commute by bike. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Spring!

First it was this tree, suddenly white, striking in the background of bare branches and anything but green.

Than suddenly, from what I though were overgrown shrubs, an insane amount of tiny flowers erupted open. Spring has come! For a Singaporean, I could thought I would never experience the transition from Winter to Spring, oh boy does it feel magical!

Saving the best, right up till the last. Once Spring comes, the Sakuras start flowering, this apparently is just the beginning. More pink trees await!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New hoot!

I have been on the search for an Iphone tripod for a long time now. Even in Japan it was difficult to find, and when I finally did. It cost 3 times as much as the above combo. Not to mention the one sold here had a normal tripod which was something that i didn't want, although it did also come with a zooming lens attachment!

Now I can film myself riding! wahahaha

Friday, April 1, 2011

WOHO Firefly bags/light

In case anyone is interested. Click here for details.

Seems like a novel idea... Let's see if I can get one of those bags this weekend.

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