Monday, May 28, 2012

Open Slow Ride of Silence for Jude Alphonsus Tan (2012-05-28)

Open Slow Ride of Silence for Jude Alphonsus Tan. This ride is dedicated to Jude who perished when he was knocked down by a lorry at the Changi Coastal Road on 26 May 2012.

Though most of us do not know Jude, he is one of us, a fellow cyclist. Please join this Open Slow Ride of Silence for Jude on Monday, 28 May 2012 at 8:30pm. The ride will start from Lorong Halus (Popeye) to Changi Village to NRSCC to Marine Terrace Blk 54 where his wake is held. Those who are not able to ride but would like to join us at the wake please come with your bikes and jerseys. The media will be informed about this ride. The ride will be a mix of PCN and Road.

You must:
a. obey all traffic rules
b. wear helmet
c. bike must be equipped with front (white) and rear (red) lights
d. please wear appropriately coloured jerseys
e. observe silence for Jude

Non-Stop Route and Timing:
8:30pm - Lorong Halus (Popeye)
9:00pm - Changi Village
9:20pm - NSRCC
9:45pm - Marine Terrace Block 54
10:30pm - Disperse


Wake location

We will pay respects to Jude and each will give a token of contribution $10 to the wake. 

Please share this.

Just doing my part to share the above information and details...

Just some thoughts that have been going through my head, I have been cycling on the roads since some 10 years ago. I am thankful for that, many I know tell me that they are shaken from what they saw/read about the accident. Just because it is so close to our hearts, a Saturday, at Changi Coastal.

Let me tell you, take a break if you want. But never stop cycling, make the necessary precautions, proper safety equipment (basically your helmet, lights, good brakes and tires) and it might be wise to invest in a simple ID card/tag which your particulars (blood type, Next-of-kin contact, etc).

The roads will only get safer when yet more cyclists get on the roads, that way, cyclists will be just be another part of our daily lives. We get to understand them, get used to them and eventually accept them.

This has brought me to some thoughts on discrimination, just like Singapore being a Multiracial society (Thanks to National Education), the roads on Singapore should be friendly to all forms of transport!

And the recent Ferrari crash at the Bugis area? It really seems that Singapore roads are designed like a F1 racetrack (F1 night race), too powerful cars, on roads that simply can't accommodate them.

I have so many thoughts but little time to pen them down, back to my usual words... Ride safe.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fatal accident at coastal 26th May 2012

It's very unfortunate to say that we have lost another cyclist, at probably the stretch of road most frequented by cyclists all over Singapore.

Rest in peace.

Not much details, but from Facebook comments...
*decided not to post details, they are pretty bad...

Just remember to ride defensively, always ride with lights (make it a point to change/charge batteries monthly)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New commuter! SE Draft!

After I ditched my Polygon Xtrada 3.0, I wanted to convert my KHS Hardtail into my commuter... But with it's hydraulic discs, SLX componets... I'm rather worried of it being cannibalized... So a cheap single speed it is! And it's such a beauty too!

Bad light resulted in a noisy picture... No time to post more because... Well... Evil has fallen on.

Yup, that's right. It's a Diablo 3 Hiatus. Comment here if you want me back hahaha

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New hoot! Glu:te Tempore:temtatio Saddle

Riding for longer periods on my Fusion XCM is getting extremely uncomfortable, and wondering if a change in saddle is going to help I ordered the saddle. Great thanks to Conticomponent, sponsors to NTU Cycling Team for the discount!

Weight savings was 10 grams (Can't help but note that difference down in writing, #weightweenie), Titanium rails, and on man what a handsome looking saddle!


Looks great!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Runway Cycling 2012

Back from their hiatus, Runway cycling is back! Register now! Having been to 2 such events before, I am not in for so much the experience of riding on a actual runway but for the many bicycle related booths, shows, promos and of course a chance to catch up with friends. I always caution people who participate in such mass cycling events to be careful and keep your distance from other riders, safety is paramount! Cheers!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kick Scooters!

Well, after riding the A-Bike replica... I decided to try out skate scooters... I mean, its just less a seat and pedals right?

Long ago I have read rave reviews on the Xootr Adult skate scooters... The ridiculous price tag however has stopped me from getting them. Many reviews said how fast they were and they glide effortlessly. So I decided to do some research again, many more models of the Xootr have emerged and also some alternatives...

The exclusive distributor for Xootr scooters is apparently Life Cycles, and yes the price is still sky high. I wanted the lightest... That would mean this model: Roma

Wanted to go down for a test ride, than while you-tubing I found that Razor had a similar model too! The Razor A5 Lux:

After uncle Google directed me Razor's Singapore Facebook page where others were quoted SGD$269 , I tried Chinese suppliers but to no avail... Than had a good deal for SGD$188 ) including shipping, so I thought... Why not!

And than AFTER I placed my order I came across this: Fuzion City glide

It was cheaper and from a review better to ride (worse bearings but wider handlebar)... But I find it in Singapore online, and it seems to be out of production...

And than probably the mother of kick scooters... The Go-Ped KickPed:

Rugged tires that look very forgiving and yes, you get bragging rights to owning a "Lefty" fork. Again pricey, but will definitely pick this against the Xootr. I believe they are more well known for their powered scooters... And having said that... I saw disc brakes... Holy...  And pardon me but can you guess the name of their electric scooter? The "I-Ped"

So a quick week later and it's delivered, my Razor A5 Lux:

Only 3.67kg, it's light! Shall test ride later. Confident it will do better than the A-Bike!

Update 12/05/2013: The price of this scooter keeps going down, it might be getting old but it's definitely the most valued for money!
Update 30/11/2013: Want more choices? Kickscooters 2!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ride of Silence 2012 - Cancelled...

You, once upon a time could Register here but due to some reasons... It has been cancelled...

I was looking forward to doing a ROS ride this year... Since I missed the ride twice before... Gosh. Oh well.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hydraulic Discs for Roadie sir?

Unconventional cable levers to hydraulic brakes adapter/convertor, huge 180mm front disc brake (Actually bigger than my XC bike!) Drool people.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cool Touring handlebars

I went down to C2C on Friday to cut a aluminum fork's steerer and to install a star-nut and spotted this cool touring handlebars

Looks to be 101 possible hand positions on those bars! A friend commented on why aerobars on a hybrid that probably won't be traveling fast enough to enjoy the aerodynamic advantage. Do you know why? My guess is that, is just so to have that one more position you can rest your hands on. Spending long hours on the bike, you try to adjust your position once in a while. To get make other alternative muscles take the strain, and make that additional kilometer that much easier! Cheers!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trifactor series 40km Time Trial

This is the next event I'm going to, I'm training and want to beat my personal best! This is also probably my stepping stone to the National Individual Time Trial, I will have to assess myself if Time Trialing is my thing. The future is unknown! Must train hard ah!!!

Anyway the category is for 40km bike leg on June 10th... Right! Let's go!

If you want to follow my trainings, follow me on Twitter and/or Strava :) Cheers!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rapha Gentlemen's race

Note there is a age restriction of 15 to 20 years old.

Organised by Rapha or SP cyclists, I don't know... Just sharing the word :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outside AMK Hub...

I saw this on a Friday afternoon, a pretty expensive looking Giant (I thought it was a Trek at first) hybrid:

Would you please look at the front and rear quick release wheels begging to be stolen! Gosh!

Then when I was on SMBF I saw this:

After giving grimacing for a minute, I wondered whether he could have ran that cable lock through his front wheel as well...

Now me being all paranoid about bike thefts and all, I considered where I would park my bike if I went to AMK hub... I figured the exact spot where is bike was being mutilated to be a relatively safe place! I mean, it is parked in front of  AMK MRT for crying out loud! I busy cross-junction, many smokers gather here since they can't smoke indoors. And for the same reason security guards patrol this area and they can't smoke too near the building as well.

So how the thief managed to get away almost completely baffles me. AMK Hub CCTVs, care to help?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bike Shop: Radstation

From the origins of Chapter 2 Cycle, a new bike shop has opened!

I went to visit and found these sexy thing!

The rear suspension is like part of the top tube!! Oh my god, I wonder how it performs! Looks so sick!

And would you just look at where the rear disc mounts are! This brings down the Center-Gravity of the bike too... Should perform impeccably! Radstation lend me for review leh!

There was a Focus roadie, the rear mount also seemed pretty cool. It's not your usual where the rear dropout is positioned at the tip of the triangle... Hmm... Great design!

The owner of the shop let me bring out the Tyrell mini velo for a spin too! It was so light and fast! Yet didn't have a menacing position compared to a Dahon Hammerhead. There are Moultons inside too... Too bad it started raining before I could give the Rolls-Royce of mini velos a test run!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: A-bike Chinese Replica

I bought this as I got to commute about 2km to my uncle's place and want to have the choice of getting a lift back via car or simply riding back.

At 6.88kg it's probably one of the lightest folding bikes around, if you think this is considered a bike at all. I mean, look at it. While I was commuting to my uncle's place, a kid commented to his mum,
"What is that? A scooter or a bicycle?"
Than it hit me, it was a scooter with pedals and a seat.

When I bought it off a Togoparts seller for $100, I rode it from his place to a coffee shop, folded it, had my lunch than off I go to the MRT, an interesting experience as you find out what it is like to bring your bike on the train. Unfortunately things became clear that carrying the bike was a pain! Even at 6.88kg! I can't imagine carrying the mainstream brands like Dahon/Tern folding bike at 10kg around...

Wheeling the bike while it was completely folded was tiring as I could not stand straight and had to bend down to reach the stem. Although there is an option to half fold it and wheel it, unfortunately it then falls outside the restrictions of the dimension allowed for a folding bicycle to be brought on board!

First impressions was immediately that the bottom of the seat post connecting to the "A" frame was too flimsy, thus resulting in a lot of flex when you ride. I weigh less than 50kg and to experience that kind of flex just puts a lot of doubt as to what this bike can handle. It's like riding your bicycle with the seat clamp at full release! Try it! The seat just twists and turns at every pedal stroke.

Talking about pedal stroke the tiny cranks of the bike meant again huge flex. And to move off, you got to mash on the pedals pretty hard... It's like running at 53-11 (front-rear chain ring teeth numbers, aka the highest gear on your bicycle), than when you get it up the speed you realize you are riding at a really slow speed.... Slight inclines (even those wheelchair friendly) turn into that time when you first attempted riding up Mount Faber.... You put so much effort to go slow! I eventually learned that to start off, pushing off, like a scooter is much easier than pedaling.

The ride itself it actually quite comfortable, despite it's tiny plastic wheels, probably got to do with it's flexy frame. It's short wheelbase makes riding in tight spaces, a little hair raising... I mean in a wide pavement I couldn't keep the bike in a straight line! I had to ride pass pedestrians with caution. Which is when I discovered it had a built in bell! That was cool!

I don't know if the original Sinclair A-bike has these problems but I would think it has, albeit a bit less severe.
Foldable and small
Built-in bell

Too much flex in frame and crank arm
High gearing, slow speed
Twitchy steering (I suppose you might get used it)
Awkward wheeling position when folded 

Verdict: I could skip it. If you can get pass the cons, or if you have a really short commute, I guess it would be fine. But I guess as a cycling enthusiast I was expecting more than I paid for.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Near miss with Taxi

I got myself a camera for my bike, just so I could record drivers like this. This incident was however my first time encountering... While I guessing in the driver's view, he just wanted a quick way out (u-turn) and this was it. But he did it without due care, without signaling and he also did it illegally. This is just for awareness, so ride safe all. Will be putting a review of the camera and hopefully setting up a blogshop too.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Repair/Hack: Knog Front Light to Rear

My Knog front light used to look like this:

But unfortunately, it now looks like this:

Well the story is that I wanted to change batteries, and to do that you gotta push the plastic body that encases the batteries out from its silicon body. And either I was too rough, or I had done it so many times that the LED got severed from the mounts.

Oh well! Time to hack it. It was originally a front white LED, but I already have a better blinker so I thought I could change it to red to mount on me helmet! Alas! I found a red super bright LED in my toolbox (the perks of being en engineering student).
I thought I had recorded the whole process, but turns out I only recorded the part when I was just fiddling with it.
1. Get a soldering iron and melt the solders holding the LED in place.
2. Suck the solder using a sucker
3. Rinse and repeat till there is little solder left.
4. Use small pliers top hold the LED and melt the remaining solder on the mounts, wiggle the LED free.
5. Put the new LED in, put in new solder and cut off excess metal.

Done! This post was inspired by Saving a light by Den

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crime watch: Nabbing of a bicycle thief

Strange that a U-lock is not recommended, lock with alarm is recommended though. And as a very well-known fact. He goes for bikes with locks that can easily be cut. 157 thefts! Well, I guess our bicycles are in a slightly safer Singapore now. Don't be complacent, get a good lock!