Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unknown Bike Ad

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chain seizure

As I was away for something like 7 months, when I came back to my market bike parked at the void deck it was still there! Awesome, it seems my lock strategy is working fine...

But when I wanted to use it, i noticed the front tire was punctured... So Yesterday I went to fix the puncture, only to see that the chain was heavily rusted and that it has seized! Some parts of the chain wouldn't move anymore, I tried just putting some lubricant and using my hands to try to force the chain to move... Much like how I have seen others do when they break a chain and put it back together...

It didn't work. I went back home to get WD40 and two pliers. First attempt it didn't work still. Well the thing about WD40 is that it takes some time to do its magic, its been many time proven! Just spray WD40 and wait, and get back to what you were doing! Problem solved!

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Radical Stimulus: Bumping into people


After watching the above video, its true! I bump into people along the way and we chat! haha, people I haven't seen in years! More often I bump into my neighbours though. Sometimes I go downstairs at the void deck to fiddle with my bike, tweaking the brakes or shifters, or just giving it an oil. Cycling really makes people come closer together! Eventually and hopefully leading to closer and friendly communities!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Austria, Salzburg

A typical bike rack in Salzburg, mainly cheap full-suspension mountain bikes... About the same in Singapore! Just that the bikes there are a lot newer! Bike theft there also seems to be less of a problem since most are locked poorly with cheap cable locks.

And of course, cycling is largely encourage over there and at most other European countries. Many Ministers set examples and bike to work, which has probably something to do with improved infrastructure of the cycle paths there.

A nice vintage looks bike with a brand badge of "Amsterdam" , the country where I referred to many times on how their citizens lock up bicycles. Long story short they lock their cheap badly trashed bikes with the most expensive of locks!

I'm back in Singapore, but jet lagged. Stay tuned :)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crashes and near misses.

An NY cyclist proving a point about bike lanes...

And talking about accidents, while I was cycling last night. I had one of the scariest near misses...

Looking at the junction where the incident happened (the wrong way round), so looking at it from this angle is that I am coming from the traffic light to this carpark junction, I was heading straight up ahead.

From this angle, which is my point of view. Below will be the description of what happened...

I just passed a cyclist who was crossing the traffic light/pedestrian crossing illegally (aka j-walking or j-cycling, if you may), the cyclist saw me and hesitated to cross slowing down in the middle of the road and me passing him on the left. Note to all: Passing someone on the left is strongly discouraged.

I then heard a series of car horns a distance away. I glimpsed right a little (less than I usually would, maybe 5 degrees? As I expected traffic to slow down due to the cyclist I just passed and that up ahead was a turn). Next thing I know. A car was directly infront of me, turning left into the carpark tires screeching. I Braked hard, rear tires locking. Not enough time. I turned into the carpark with the car, narrowly missing contact.

"AB!!!!!!!!!!!!", I shouted at the top of my voice (I am sorry I shouted that, fighting hostility with the same is never a good outcome.). My mind in a bit of doubt, maybe he didn't see me. Me shouting would definitely alert him.

He had to slow down for a hump, I pulled to the right of the white Honda Jazz where is stopped and the windows rolled down. A young chinese man in his mid twenties, of what appeared to be a typcial ah beng. I kept my distance.

"Hey, what the hell? You nearly ran me off the road!", my voice shaking from the adrenaline. (Actually he DID run me off the road.)

"You never hear my horn meh? Huh!", he hastily answered clearly agitated from me shouting at him.

"What the hell? How do I know? I thought you were horning at him!" I gestured to the cyclist that I just passed.

I was in utter shock, I was supposed to have a rear view of him coming at me? Trying to kill me? As long as he horned I was supposed to yield to him? He had no regard of my life at all. Was it because I shouted at him? Was he drunk?

The best part was, the cyclist I passed, a passerby and the passenger inside his car did nothing to help me. Singapore is truly a fine country.


As a lesson to me, install a mirror on my bike. always look right when approaching a junction where vehicles can turn left. It has saved me many times before, ride safe guys!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Osaka: Bicycle Museum





The first time I went to Osaka and looked up the touristy places to visit, this Bicycle Museum was no where on the list. It was only after I came back and searched for a Bicycle Museum in Japan did I get what I was looking for. It seems its more of a local hidden away gem that not many people know about. Much like the Museum of Mint Toys in Singapore. Tucked away in a corner, but with a surprising collection!


An actual model of one of the first bicycles ever made.

One of the first, proper kids bicycles complete with training wheels! Really looks modeled after those famous Flying Pigeons

First Mountain bike in the world? Looks pretty advanced to me!

Would you please look at that mad huge front gear? How the heck?!?!

Close up... Apparently this bike made the world record and reached a top speed of 154 km/h. Imagine the wind resistance!

Do you still call this a tandem? longest I have seen in real life!

The exhibits were pretty nicely done up! Explains the hefty entry fee... but hey I'm sort of a bike nut.

The guy that started this Museum, and most of the bikes are his!

After an epic bike ride, your bike belongs in a Museum!

55K Km... Really gives yourself a radical stimulus to do the same.The basement of the museum is basically the rest of the collection, equally amazing bikes, but the building is small and they ran out of space! I would have loved to take a closer look of some of the bikes in there!

Does anyone want to view the rest of the photos I took? Uploading will take some time... haha... Less rain in SG so I can ride more please! Cheers!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Offroad: Tampines Bike Park

It has been some 5 1/2 months without offroad, and yesterday (after 12mn mah) was my first time at TBP after so long... The course is rougher at some points, due to soil erosion and wear and tear (Esp from the recent 12 hour MTB race.)... While other points are had more grass growing and seemed smoother... En route to the jungle trail, my friend and I had a little fun trying to get air... Such a feeling! The jungle trail is pretty swampy, but still ridable... Except for some fallen trees and mud pools.

Life's good when school's out! Cheers!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Link share:

Touted as Singapore's #1 Cycling website, it features the most famous Marketplace, forums, cycling news, articles on bike shops, bikes, accessories, everything! Pop them a visit if you haven't already.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New hoot! OEM Lightning


At an unbeatable price of $75 and a ridiculous light output of a claimed 900 lumen, hopefully it won't go wrong... Can't wait to start using it.

TP follow-up on collision with Taxi

This post is a follow up to Collision with Taxi

Was busy with my sister's wedding, post wedding, unpacking, fulfilling foods in Singapore that I haven't eaten in some 5.5 months and of course catching up with family and friends. Above is the letter sent by TP after I made the police report.

I do feel a little guilty, making life difficult for the cabbie who earns a living by driving. We all make mistakes in life, but driving a car can cause serious/fatal accidents if one is not careful enough. Everyone please ride safe!