Saturday, March 24, 2012

OCBC 2012: After thoughts

I went down to the F1 pits, to check out what OCBC 2012 has to offer for the bargain hunter in me and to check out the Professional Criterium that was heavily publicized that involved a "invite only" start grid of Pro riders.

Right after arriving I saw the Men's Open Crit (above picture), I didn't know what was happening and the commentator didn't help much. So after a few clicks of the camera I proceeded on the the booths where I heard Shimano was having a big sale!

Loots from OCBC! From left, free Spin (old issue) magazine (no time to read omg), Pro 3 gloves from Shimano booth ($15), 700c spare tube ($5), Free stickers from Spin booth.

I shall leave you with some eye candy:

 Oh gosh, the disc wheel acts as a great banner, and look at those TT bars!

Might need one of these when I go overseas with my bike... Hmm...

 Some electric bikes on display... But... Their range pretty much sucks. Compared to this baby.
Skate bicycles?

Of course some decent locks.

By the time my friends and I finished browsing through all the booths, the Pro Crit had alrdy started. We got some chairs and sat infront of the huge ass TV, and Mr. Yuva bought us beers! Thanks dude, great atmosphere with beer? Couldn't beat that anywhere. We watched as some attacks took place... Some of us went to the barriers just the experience them blazing through and get right into the action!

There was a break away by a solo Japanese rider, who unfortunately had a puncture! Talk about dramatic. And the worst? His mechanics struggled to change his rear wheel.

By the time the mechanics were done, the peloton had caught up, as if to show us that he was crazy strong or just plain crazy he broke away again! Apperantly just before the special stage horn was sounded, securing a small prize money.... Maybe that was his plan all along... The peloton caught him and subsequently dropped him later on... But interestingly a 3-men breakaway formed as below:

I don't know who they are, but this guys really put in some hardwork!

3 other men caught up with the breakaway! And they worked their asses off! How hard? Well, this 6-men breakaway (above) was never caught by the main peloton! Insane.

Resulting in a mad sprint at the end by the 6-men:
This guy leads them out from the final turn, cranking the speeds up!

The decisive moment! This was the guy right behind the first guy coming out from the final turn, blasting out from the rear wheel of the lead man, he sprints and manages to out sprint everyone else to take the win!

I was wondering if the 2nd guy could last till the finish line... It seemed pretty far to me! and look at the current third guy! It would seem to me he had enough to edge 2nd guy for the win! But not to be! hahahaha, exciting!

So what was so fun about this? Well, next time... I would go early to the booths and grab bargain deals before they are sold out, avoid the crowds and of course watch the exciting Pro Crit! Over beer! Damn, if you missed this... Come next year!

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