Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pre-race jitters

Let's see that sexy bike first...

Actually, this picture was a month or so ago, and I have made some changes... But omg, when I mounted it.... I was drooling!

Things I have changed since:
  • Glutes TT saddle
  • Carbon fibre headset spacers
  • Widen the aerobar placement (about 5mm each side)
  • Rear carbon brake pads (I though I was already using carbon specific ones, but it cut pass the first layer! damn heart pain... Planet-X 101s!!! )
  • Using Squirt lube
  • Raised stem by 10mm (1x spacer)
Sounds like a lot... But I did them one day at a time mostly... Just bit by bit, till things feel right, I'm probably gonna change them as I ride.... Since nothing ever feels right... I can only adjust till it feels "Okay"

*Anyone care to sponsor me a professional bike fit?

But yesterday, when I went riding with the front high profile (88mm rim depth) i felt like i was doing this:

The wind was not crazy strong, but it was terribly inconsistent... One second coming from the left than the right, than constant for maybe a min or so, than a huge trailer comes along and just pushes you near the curb than sucks out when it passes. It was crazy.

I kept telling myself that the road would be closed so I needn't worry about heavy vehicles putting me off... But... damn, there would be many people riding wouldn't there be!?

With this jitters, and fears that the race is a mass start, maybe even criterium style road race with time trial bikes... I think, maybe the race is maybe just a training ride for the National ITTs.... No idea... I'm just gonna go there with a open mind....

Hopefully someone lends me their lower profile rim and hope things go smoothly... Such mixed feelings!