Friday, September 7, 2012

Vietnam Tour: Day 0

Due to certain national service commitments I had to postpone this trip a few times, and after getting the go ahead from Dad... I booked the tickets...

Just barely a week later, it's today. The day before the flight. I packed my 15L waterproof sack and realised I needed to carry more.

After a few quick searches, I settled for a Deuter Cross Air EXP 20. Rave reviews from both Amazon and CRC made up my mind.

I went to Velocity (Novena) to get a Merino Icebreaker Tech T Lite from X-boudaries, very pricey but wanted to give it a go... I first read about it on and than others. It best quality? Light, keeps you cool and odour resistant. They had quite a selection on Deuter bags as well, but not the particular model I wanted... I proceeded to Beach Rd, but the usual shop was closed...

So I looked around and ended up a Blk 1, just beside the usual Army's boy hangout, called S.K. it's the first shop so you can't miss it! After I quick shake down, I asked for a discount and was pleasantly pleased when they quoted me a price lower than from CRC! Sweet!

Boxed up my MTB following the instructions from this video:

With a new bag, shirt and my bike boxed up I loaded my bike into my dad's car (Love you Dad!) that night and anxiously tried to sleep for the flight tomorrow.


  1. Enjoy your bike tour. Can't wait to hear about your trip when you come back.

  2. I'm back actually, just in the process of typing it out! Thank you for your enthusiasm!

  3. Enjoy your bike trip and stay safe!!

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