Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vietnam Tour: Day 5 (25th Aug) Bong Son to Quy Nhon

Extremely good! This was the one and only place where they put fried egg into the baguette. I was lucky i bought two, i usually save the other one for later. But it was soo good.
I started earliest this time, learning my lesson. I try to avoid riding at night. Biggest surprise when I tasted the egg in baguette. It certainly raised my expectations for banquettes elsewhere, they never came close.

It was rather cooling, and progress was quick. I only had to cover 90km and at my first pit stop I was already at 40km.

They were many random fountains, statues and some kind of shrines along the highway. Some look like they deserve more attention.
 Today saw me drafting a motorcycle towing a trailer. It was a pretty constant 35-40km/h until he stopped, than came a passing lorry that went 40km/h constant. It was pretty fun drafting the lorry and overtaking an entire school on bicycles (Seemed to me like that anyway). The afternoon sun was trying to fry me alive, so i took the opportunity to have my lunch.

I now miss Pho a lot, this was good, except for he weird vege... Very homely shop this

I believe some ancient building, didn't visit, but was a visual treat.

Some sort of milk tea dessert, i was like MILK TEA AHHHH. Satisfied my cravings for a bit. The shop owner tried desperately to communicate with me, but my Vietnamese for non-existent.
 I had passed by maybe 2 dessert shops that I really regretted passing. One because I saw a number of people enjoying the dessert (indicating probably good stuff), and two because it was so hot! I finally saw one, and doubled back to get some. I was not disappointed.

Arriving in the city, probably the biggest round about I have seen. Looking around for a cheap place to stay. Found unsecured wireless access, lucky me!
Immediately, you know you are entering the city when traffic sky rockets. A small town but really easy to navigate. I looked around, and generally... The small alleys and roads where there are hotels are the cheapest. The ones by the main road? Ouch.

After settling in, I went down to the beach..

Had to be the emptiest beach, but most crowded shore!

I hate toufu, I took m chances and randomly choose an item on the menu. It wasn't cheap and must worse meal ever (Not because it tasted bad, but I really don't like toufu). The prawns I ordered were decent though.
 I took the opportunity of the relatively short ride to rest early and prep myself for the next day.

Distance today: 85 km
Distance to date: 453km

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