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Vietnam Tour: Day 7 (27th Aug) Tuy Hoa to Da Dia Rocks (Rapid slabs)

Woke up early at about 5.15am, but by the time I got ready to ride I had missed the Sunrise... I somehow remember something about the sunrise here being especially beautiful. I had also originally wanted to catch the Sunrise at Hoi An but a pity I missed that too.

I freeloaded more drinking water from the reception and proceeded on my way towards the seeming mysterious part of the city.

Anyway, I rode according to the instructions by Valkyrie and soon entered the smaller rodes, immediately greeted by lush rice fields that were on both sides of the road. Quite a different feeling when riding on the large highway.

Although only about 35km to the place, it was ridiculously hilly, steep climbs and steep descent. It was not fun at all. Surprisingly I passed many people pushing their bikes on the inclines, almost all single speed lady bikes. I mean might as well walk or get a mountain bike in such terrain! But i guess getting one must be difficult.

Just almost there I saw a detour, a small track at the beach where many rock formations were. Thinking that was the place I went to investigate, locking my bike to a cactus. I was climbing rocks to get a better viewpoint and just around a really huge rock, I saw the other side! A lighthouse!

The rocky landscape was somehow serene. It was around noon and it was getting hot. I locked my bike to a cactus, and walked to the lighthouse. I read somewhere that some people camp here at night just to watch the sunrise from the lighthouse. Anyway, the view was good and there was no one around. I took out my baguette and enjoyed my it in the little shade that the shadow of the lighthouse provided. It was so calming and the sea breeze just made the experience so good. I stayed there longer then I anticipated.

Looks like a nice place for Mountain biking!
If you can see there's a rectangular rock wedged in between the two. Cool!

I look back at the lighthouse, finding it difficult to leave. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

After a ridiculously long 35km in, I arrived at my destination. Shrugging off a lady asking me to go into her shade and get some drinks (Although extremely tempting). Look at those hexagonal rocks!

Flowers on a cactus!

Wow wow wow, I was just in awe at the rock formations.

It seems, even with lots of erosion the general shape of the rocks are still there.

Even the staircases down to the rocks were hexagonal, look ride-able downhill.

How is that so neat? Yet naturally formed? 

This place is seriously amazing, and the only reason I know this place existed? Through the domestic flight's magazine! If I had not took it out, I would have missed this place altogether!

Ok, So legend has that a Giant of some sorts wanted to make a bridge to I don't know where but he died before finishing. Can't find the story on the net so, I will just leave it as that.

Further research says what's on the surface is only half of the formations, the other half is underwater! I would be nice to have snorkeling equipment!

Looks like some locals fished up some starfish and left them to die :(

Have you seen the cicular boats before? They are made by hand, are paddle by one oar to get to their fishing boats.

Caterpillar-like flowers by the roadside.

I locked my bike there, i went down to enjoy the Rapid slabs

It was quite a experience to be riding on a golden carpet! My guess is the tarmac heats up faster and thus dries the rice? much quicker! It also makes for the ride extra hard...

As I was heading back, a school was just dismissed and as I passed them most wanted to race/keep up with me. I tried taking a picture of their contagious smiles but he was quick to turn away! I was physically tired already, but they gave me extra strength! Still, headwinds was so bad I was at single digit speeds. Slow and painful.

After a really slow ride back, it's time to relax at the beach!

Lots of beach!

I kept dinner simple, and slowly enjoyed of the soup. Went back to the hotel and caught up on youtube subscriptions (decent wifi, but still had to wait for videos to load!)

Distance today: 76km of steep short hills!
Distance to date: 639km

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