Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kicker scooters 2

Goped Kicker
This is one of my top choices, it a tad lighter then the Razor A5. A better looker and the fact that you can sling it on your shoulder is definitely a huge plus. Made in the USA.
- I like the wooden deck, "lefty" fork, the brand
- If you are taller than 1.8m too bad for you, 150mm wheels could have been 200mm.

OXELO Town 7 EF Scooter
Just watch the video! Have not tried it personally though.
-Trolley mode, 1sec fold time, built in stand, lockable, looks futuristic too.

Micro Black/White
I have heard this is more comfortable due to it's Flex design, but the price is just too much.

Willing to lend me your scooter for a proper review? Drop me a line: starringme at g mail

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