Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rant, Driver ridicle

I guess I have not being ridiculed by a driver before, guess there is always a first time. What happened, to cut all the damn details out: I was cycling on the pavement heading to a T-junction, at the T-junction I go out onto the road making a left and get honked at by a car. Unsatisfied, the car revved up and threatened to hit me from the rear. I decided to take the lane and immediately regretted my decision as I remembered watching the below video: So I kept left, only to be greeted by vulgarities from the passenger, it was a red light so the driver stopped at the filter lane. And continued to ridicule me. I only remembered:

"Are you trying to kill yourself?"
"Are you trying to kill me?", was the only thing i replied. Somehow I remember smiling and wondering what the hell is wrong with this world.
 "You do not know the traffic rules, you are not supposed to overtake on the left." Which didn't help cause the traffic junction was crowded, and so I was wrong and life goes on.

Oh yeah, and there was a fellow cyclist in front of me watching the show. Camaraderie.

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