Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vietnam Tour: Day 9 (29th Aug) Nha Trang to Phan rung

The first 50km or less was nice and early in the morning with no sun... Flats are good and maybe just the occasional mountain of hay, and of course actual hills there are so rare in Singapore. 
And then the worst came, just look at those flags. HEADWIND.

A colourful distraction from the road, peaceful.
Well then, only another 47km of face demolishing winds to go..

Some sort of fish funnel? looks cool.

More good views, rice fields and hills in the distance.

My favourite flowers, this was a huge pond and so many in bloom. Beauty.

Andddd back to the road with an invisible force you can't see.

Until you see flags of course, violent, tormenting winds. It was so bad, downhills maxed out at 26km/h. My average for the whole ride: 14km/h, many parts I saw only single digit speeds. It was hot and I was almost broken. 
Lunch break! So much meat, so much yums. The tempura prawns simple but good.

I was the only customer...

Random ruin appeared! No information, wonder what its for.

Welcomed company as I pass sheep and the run alongside.

I finally entered town and checked out some 6+ hotels and settled for the cheapest which was away from street but the bonus was that there was a cute receptionist (Girlfriend, this was before I met you! haha). I had no choice but to get the cheapest as budget is getting tighter.

I pointed to a random one, which because the stall was a counter with no door, they couldn't see what I was pointing and I don't read Vietnamese so I took quite a while to order!! I couldn't remember how I finally got my order but damn, milk tea for the win!!!

50 cents dinner, 2nd rounds compulsory.

Distance today: 100km
Distance to date: 861km
No. of punctures to date: 1

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