Monday, August 29, 2011

Unofficial Bike Lane in Singapore?!?

Stumbled across this amazing amount road space from the double yellow lines to the curb. Located at AMK St 22, this has to be an record from the said space. Have you encountered something similar? Send me pictures!

The space was so luxurious! It was like cycling on the Park Connectors and vehicles passed me with such large berth I thought I was in another country. If only more of these "mistakes" were repeated in the whole of Singapore, who needs Bike lanes?

On a side note, I have been cycling around AMK (my hometown) looking for the best makan places! And it has been fun! More on that soon (I hope!).

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  1. couldn't be "mistakes". LTA doesn't make mistakes, no? well, i heard many things about cycling pathways along canal. are they good? i've never seen or tried before when i was there a few years ago. maybe I should go down south to see for myself.

  2. Sry for the late reply! Haha, mistake or not, I'm glad the gap is there!

    Well, most of those cycling paths were really just after thoughts in the cycling infrastructure... It's not bad just that, traffic lights, pavements, the path's smoothness are not really ideal. Still, better than nothing!