Monday, August 1, 2011

Creaking headset!

I noticed a lot of play from my headset area and when you lock your front brake and rocked the bike forwards and backwards there was a loud clicking sound that was quite franking was freaking me out. Simple braking to slow my bike down and was terrifying at the thought that maybe the headset would give way, or worse the frame was too old (Some 10 years) and the headtube was gone. And so before a night cycling event for NTU Sportcamp, I brought my bike down to C2C.

There I waited for Nat to inspect my bike and try to find the problem, I suspected maybe the headset was worn. He tried finding the problem but couldn't... So I suggested that I just leave it and get a whole new bike altogether...

Until Ben (Shop owner) came over and inspected... Than continued on to strip my headset (I think he had the idea that I just wanted to change the headset, might as well, $20 headset for 10 years about time). While taking off the stem cap, we saw the screw was slanted! On closer inspection when the stem cap was off, the star nut inside has actually corroded so much that one of the sides broke:

Ben threw in a free carbon spacer for me too! <3

New Ciari headset! Woo hoo! No more creaks!

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