Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yikebike and pedal assist electric bike

Just so happens that my school had an exhibition, on all things green! And look what we got here!
The Yike Bike!! I never thought I have seen it in action haha, and the guy even let me try riding it!

I couldn't contain my excitement, yet I knew the carbon fibre version cost SGD$10k, well first things first, how was the ride?

Well, it's really really weird... Quite different. I was told to relax the upper body, and steer with the body! I took a while to get used to the feeling, the front wheel propulsion and tiny rear wheel doesn't help instill confidence either... But it became natural after a while and you start to enjoy the piece of tech. I never got it to maximum speed though, I wonder how it would be like...

Next up? A pedal assisted electric built by students!I tried the 26inch mountain bike and the 20inch folding one, the 26inch was considerably heavier and thus accelerated slower. 20inch is the way to go! Now if I got the spare cash to get one...

Right, so exams are over! But there is a troublesome FYP presentation coming up... Oh well, time to cycle!

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