Monday, April 30, 2012

Cycling Movies 2

I wrote about Cycling Movies 1 and Travel movies, just in case you are a movie junkie like me!

American Flyers
I actually found this quite funny, and was easy to relate as It was about the college/university student training and than taking part in a race. It was as much a cycling movie and a movie with cycling, so I guess non-enthusiasts might watch it with you.

Verdict: Recommended

Pee Wee's big adventure
This is some what disturbing show, it's so lame you don't know whether you should laugh or cry. I don't get the whole Pee-Wee character, but I guess it's nice to see a old school cruiser in action.

Verdict: Stay away, not for the young ones either.

Stars and Watercarriers
Featuring the great Eddy Merckx, and how the Tour de France was done properly in the past. It was really interesting to see how the the legend rides, it start to understand just why he is so great! The commentary is a little sparse at times, but never the less you see how much the Tour has evolved.

Verdict: Highly Recommended, esp Tour de France fans.

Race across the Sky
Probably the most recent movie of the list, it's about Lance Armstrong trying to set a record for the race, it's a long offroad race with elements of road too as there are many stretches of road to cover. They throw in stories of people's thoughts and what this race means to them too, so it's rather inspiring watch! There is some excitement as wonder if Lance can set the record you the multiple time winner is gonna win it again.

Verdict: Definitely must watch for XC/Enduro riders. (24hrs solo, is probably more epic though)

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