Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Vietnam Tour: Day 11 (31st Aug) Rest in Da Lat

It's a rest day!!! Damn! And nicely planned, after that grueling climb a rest is definitely welcomed. The weather here in Dalat was amazing, super cooling, fresh air and laid back atmosphere. It's a little different in feel here, the buildings look and feel different.

So first up, breakfast! And let me tell you, if you ever come here, you must stay in this hotel: 

simply for the food:
I ate and ate and ate, nothing but a good breakfast to start the day. It's free flow and look at those fruits! That has to be healthy!

Total consumed: 2x banana, mango dragon fruit, avocado, passion fruit, 2x baguette, cheese, ham, bacon, tea, watermelon, great!
The market, multi-storey, didn't see anything i fancied there.
I didn't know where to go, so the first thing I did was walk towards the lake, the weather was good, so I just sat there watching the lake and the people. It seems there were some kind of eel clinging on to the shore and some guy were fishing them up easy! It was entertaining. Super chill out. Perhaps, you would like to do some painting here?
Does this remind you of something? This house would be one of a kind in Dalat!
Reminded me of this! haha
Some sort of rice cake i think

This was good! Fried eggplant with ginger, recommended by trip adviser
It's fried rice! the shop was a vegetarian one, wasn't anything special for this rice.

After lunch had more time to laze around, and that was what I did in the hotel, watched Discovery channel, went to the Jacuzzi, oh yes that is a place to chill when you body is aching from riding. After I had finally rested enough, It was time to go check out the evening scene!

Nice! Didn't bring your bike? Rent one! Looks to be nicely equipped.

Shops and dining on the staircase guys! coolness.
Wasn't really hungry, so I ordered soya milk and a cream puff! Yums!
Night performance to call it a day!

Distance today: 0km (Rest day!!)
Distance to date: 861km
No. of punctures to date: 1

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