Monday, March 27, 2017

Vietnam Tour: Day 12 (1st Sept) Da Lat to Bao Loc

Short note: I should really finish up this Vietnam trip write up, it's been years.. Literally. year 2012. Still a trip of a life time!

Got a little lucky at breakfast!
The same great breakfast as yesterday!! Golfed down what I could and off we go! It was 10km of continues steep descent that Initial D fans would love.

I thanked many many many times that I had chosen hydraulic disc brakes for this trip and even more the front Ice tech rotor that were so strong with zero fading throughout! I was thinking if they would turn red hot! With the dry roads and strong brakes, I quickly got in tune and overtook everything in my path. Taking my time to overtake only when it was clear. Being a mountain road however, that was not much clear space, since every other turn is a blind corner! There was one bus and that was nerve wrecking, it was going so slow and it was so long! I had to decide when and if I should overtake. I finally found a little stretch and went for it! I had to make it before the next corner. Past more then half the bus, it was the point where braking and going back behind the bus would be quite impossible. Luckily I made it easily. Phew!
Looks like a dam, pretty cool!

One of the most proper toilets I think!
Super cool wind while going downhill was great, so great I missed a stop where there was a waterfall. I passed that and even contemplated going back. Me and my weakness to waterfalls! But of course, the hills that I had to climb to go back to the waterfall was definitely a no-no for me.

Some highway on the left, so bikes had this section of the road to ourselves!

I came to a point where that was a highway beside the road, looks like a toll-road. 

There was quite a bit of wind, if you could see from the flag..

Still very beautiful scenery as I ride along.
Looks like I'm going into a storm.. Hope for the best!
The road got worse.. At least I seem to be drafting the storm.. The wind pushes it further.
And then I came to this point in the road where I saw on the left and on the right:
Storm Storm!
It's sunshine!

Quite a plenty of hills before a got to Bao Loc though! I counted at least 7, the pain.. I had Pho somewhere in-between and checked into yet another random hotel, this time without any AC. 
Checked into the hotel and said goodbye to the storm clouds I narrowly missed.

Settled with Com dinner just outside the hotel and went to bed early as I had a lot of distance to cover tomorrow! Till the next post guys!

Distance today: 100 km 
Distance to date: 961 km
No. of punctures to date: 1

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