Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paul Lim

My deepest condolences and Rest in Peace, Paul Lim.

Information about the accident: source mybikeshop

Again, a drunk driver. What I want to know is, what has been done since the accident take involved cyclist Ms Evelyn Toh, 39 source forum

The one thing we cyclist can't guard against are drunk drivers, there has been much publicity over cyclist that went down due to drunk drivers. One of them that I remember clearly is author of pedaldamnit Ben, he was killed by a drunk doctor just in front of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. And a much hyped about Ghost bike was put up in remembrance at the scene. Only to be taken down by order of LTA.

I then came across this quote,

"The [London] cycle superhighways, for example, could easily be segregated along much of the route. Finally, training also needs to be stepped up when teaching new drivers. This way the next generation of drivers on our roads will be more aware of cyclists. This could be phased into the driving test and potentially require a new motorist to spend part of their lesson on a bike to get a different perspective of the road and how you do feel vulnerable." - Andreas Kambanis, blogger, London Cyclist

I think it would really be an eye opener for motorists, except that maybe not everyone is able to cycle.

And another quote I read,

"This drunk should have crashed his car into the back of a dumper truck, but chose instead a pickup. Think again how cheap our lives are when we are out cycling on weekends between 4 to 7 am. You may think less traffic is safe, but studies have shown that less traffic means more speeding and reckless driving. And there are many drunk drivers behind the wheels at those hours. I think it is much safer to cycle in peak or heavy traffic, at least people are not speeding but there is congestion only." -Clarance Tan

I guess it makes commuting during heavy traffic safe from drunk drivers, but again other terrors of the road come about. Mostly traffic itself.

Ride safe all.

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