Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tokyo fixed gear ablazing

As a follow up to "Japan : Fixed gear crazy?" Well, let the pictures do the talking.

Sorry for the blur, walking a taking pictures in a crowed street avoids traffic build up. hahah excuses!

Damn, is that a chrome/silver seat?

More on Chrome! So shiny! I mistaken the top tube as the railing at first glance!

Probably the best lock-up I have seen in the whole of Japan. Front wheel and frame locked using a bike-locking kiosk and the rear amour-ed cable lock through the rear triangle, frame and chain. A (A stronger U-lock or beefy chain will get the lock-up a distinction)

What a rare gem! Locked at Shibuya. Looks so sleek!

Somehow I find this familiar, maybe I saw it on FGGT... what looks like 26" MTB fixed, horizontal dropout frame and front only discibrakes.

I'm lovin' the front balloon tire as well!

And stumbled onto a fixed gear gathering, outside a tiny weeny bike shop. Love the hip B/W big picture above the shop. Lucky find!

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