Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chain seizure

As I was away for something like 7 months, when I came back to my market bike parked at the void deck it was still there! Awesome, it seems my lock strategy is working fine...

But when I wanted to use it, i noticed the front tire was punctured... So Yesterday I went to fix the puncture, only to see that the chain was heavily rusted and that it has seized! Some parts of the chain wouldn't move anymore, I tried just putting some lubricant and using my hands to try to force the chain to move... Much like how I have seen others do when they break a chain and put it back together...

It didn't work. I went back home to get WD40 and two pliers. First attempt it didn't work still. Well the thing about WD40 is that it takes some time to do its magic, its been many time proven! Just spray WD40 and wait, and get back to what you were doing! Problem solved!

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