Friday, June 10, 2011

Offroad: Tampines Bike Park

It has been some 5 1/2 months without offroad, and yesterday (after 12mn mah) was my first time at TBP after so long... The course is rougher at some points, due to soil erosion and wear and tear (Esp from the recent 12 hour MTB race.)... While other points are had more grass growing and seemed smoother... En route to the jungle trail, my friend and I had a little fun trying to get air... Such a feeling! The jungle trail is pretty swampy, but still ridable... Except for some fallen trees and mud pools.

Life's good when school's out! Cheers!


  1. You're back in SG? Hook up for a ride soon :D

  2. Yes Den, I'm back in Sg! Sure email me your contact :)

  3. hi may i ask. the exact location of the park?
    i m need to MTB.. so lookin for a place to actually ride on.. =)
    if u dun mind can email mi at =)

  4. Junction of Tampines ave 7 and 9. opp Sun plaza park

    Use google maps.