Saturday, June 11, 2011

Osaka: Bicycle Museum





The first time I went to Osaka and looked up the touristy places to visit, this Bicycle Museum was no where on the list. It was only after I came back and searched for a Bicycle Museum in Japan did I get what I was looking for. It seems its more of a local hidden away gem that not many people know about. Much like the Museum of Mint Toys in Singapore. Tucked away in a corner, but with a surprising collection!


An actual model of one of the first bicycles ever made.

One of the first, proper kids bicycles complete with training wheels! Really looks modeled after those famous Flying Pigeons

First Mountain bike in the world? Looks pretty advanced to me!

Would you please look at that mad huge front gear? How the heck?!?!

Close up... Apparently this bike made the world record and reached a top speed of 154 km/h. Imagine the wind resistance!

Do you still call this a tandem? longest I have seen in real life!

The exhibits were pretty nicely done up! Explains the hefty entry fee... but hey I'm sort of a bike nut.

The guy that started this Museum, and most of the bikes are his!

After an epic bike ride, your bike belongs in a Museum!

55K Km... Really gives yourself a radical stimulus to do the same.The basement of the museum is basically the rest of the collection, equally amazing bikes, but the building is small and they ran out of space! I would have loved to take a closer look of some of the bikes in there!

Does anyone want to view the rest of the photos I took? Uploading will take some time... haha... Less rain in SG so I can ride more please! Cheers!


  1. Ahhhhhhhh your posts remind me of the best parts of cycling: touring overseas and riding on MTBs!!! Now... how I wish that collarbone of mine would fix itself fast.

  2. Omg, collarbones take so long to heal! In the mean time, stock up on traveling movies! haha!

    Touring is such fun!