Monday, February 20, 2012

Commuting to Lavender, pleasant surprises.

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Mission? To avoid the busy and highly dangerous Upper Serangoon Rd, CTE exit.

I have passed up the above park connector/service road a couple of times and thought that it follows the river pass the highway to Lavender.

So far so good, a bridge that goes over the highway with small slope at the side for ease of pushing my bike up.

Love this shot taken with my iPhone, effect "Boost" added from Picasa.

Spotted two Choppers that look like there need some tender loving care!

After I was done with my errand I took a slightly different way back, taking the bridge further south at the end of Geylang Bahru Lane... And than to the back roads of Macpherson Road, where the smell of awesome Prawn Mee caught my attention! It's seems pretty famous and I was hungry...

It looks good!!! The finished the soup, every last drop! It was just so rich! And the prawns despite being inside the soup, which usually means soggy prawns... But not this one! The prawns were actually still crunchy, testament to the use of fresh prawns! Go try! No regrets!

On the way back, I decided to visit the site of former Bidadari Cemetry, and was most pleasantly surprised! If was so peaceful, and the aged road just sort of transported me into the olden times. This place has great history but is slated for HDB housing. Visit when you have the time!

Just a minute ago I was in lots of heavy traffic and it was such relief to be riding in the park.

At the top of the hill, there was a round about and a tree bearing fruits(no idea what fruit though). It just felt so calming with a gentle breeze flowing in, that I just decided to sit down and read my school notes in the cool shade:

After the relaxing outing, i decided I didn't need those aerobars on my slow commuter and decided "slamming" my stem was the way to go. Check it out:

Even when there was no spacers left, I wanted the bars to be lower... So I inverted the stem! Loving the look! Ride safe everyone, and regarding the Remy Ong incident? It's now in the news... With different accounts of what happened... Is he a liar? Only time will tell.


  1. where do u find these kinda parks with no tall hdb and roads around in singapore? i really need to go to Singapore to see for myself!

    1. haha, they are all over Singapore... But maybe because the trees are tall or the angles in my shots! I welcome you to tour Singapore, by bike of course!