Sunday, February 5, 2012

NTU Bike Rally 2012 Tips

It's your first time embarking on a trip greater than the epicly termed century ride (100km=century ride), and you don't know what to expect... Or you are a seasoned rider but can do with some tips anyway...

Courtesy of Graz Cycle Chic
1. Adjust your seat height!

Probably the number 1 mistake I see for beginners, I have ridden with a couple of Cycling events and this is the most common. You won't feel it for the first 30km or so, but after that your thigh muscles are just too tired to output that kind of strength.

Example, when climbing a long set of stairs to you take them 2 or 3 steps at a time? If you do, you notice you are expanding lots of energy faster than just taking one step at a time. It's a endurance ride, 128km is no joke!

So set the seat high, preferably when your leg is on the lowest part of the down stroke, it is slightly bent. Of course this can be a little dangerous, if you can't reach the floor... So you can use another way to adjust the seat, i.e. when you are seated, you should be tiptoeing on the floor! Again, lower the seat if you find tiptoeing dangerous... Extended periods on tiptoes can induce cramps!

2. Chaffing cream or Vaseline

This Chaffing cream has received some rave reviews... Or you can use what I have been using since I learned it eliminates abrasion for road marches (In army), yup to save yourself from a painful shower later!

Apply a generous amount between your thighs or just about anywhere you think you might get abrasion, maybe even around the openings of your shorts (Btw avoid wearing FBT shorts, they are too short! You might get some serious abrasions!). Bring it along in case abrasions develop and just apply it over for instant relief!

3. Sunblock!

Don't wanna suffer from a serious biker's tan! And mainly because I got sun burnt during the recce ride... Haha!

Misc. Inflate your tires!

I like maximum at the front and about 45 psi at the rear, I ride and Mountain bike (Which is similar to the rental bikes), The rear is not too hard so you get a sore bum, and the front usually has front suspension to soak up the bumps. Very important as these are your only contact to the ground, properly inflated tires mean less rolling resistance and thus equate to less energy expanded allowing you to go further for longer!

Variations include, changing your tires to slicks if you have the budget. Or even getting yourself a road bike... 
Misc. Water bottle and some snacks

There are water points at every checkpoint, but in between your are on your own. Bring along a small snack, like a fruit bar. You need to keep yourself fueled or you will burn out quickly!

NTU Bike Rally!!! I'm excited!

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