Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rumour or Truth?

REMI ONG! Singapore Best bowler, National athlete, International Bowler. You totally don't deserve my respect. After what happened today, i think the whole world should know what you just did. A disgrace to Singapore.

At around 1pm at Safra NSRCC outside the sailing club, you were speeding and you hit a female pregnant dog and you ran away, thank god you left your car plate at the scene. The Female dog was lying unconsciously in the middle of the road, i was there and a couple of cycling quickly blocked the road and carried the dog away. The female dog was pregnant and you fled the scene. 10mins later, the dog went in to a fit and 10mins after that, the dog was dead, with two broken legs, external bleeding and miscarriage. Did you finally realized what's wrong?

more cyclist came and helped out, we called the SPCA and the Police. We took the number plate with the dog and this will be spread around Singapore. And guys, the story still haven't end yet.

He came back to scene with his Girlfriend, and the story he told us and the story the Girlfriend told us are wonderful.
First, he said, he ran over the dog and the dog is already lying on the road- Fucking hell, you were driving a Porsche, and everybody knows that the height of you car, there's no way you can ran over. Instead, you actually hit the dog, therefore your car plate dropped off.
Secondly, you said that you fled because you didn't know what happened, and you went to fetch your girlfriend - Fuck you, you girlfriend said that she SAW that you didn't hit the dog, wait, so your girlfriend saw that you didn't hit the dog, and you said that you went to fetch your girlfriend after the scene. So what is what?

and the only thing that we suspected you came back, is because while you went to fetch your girlfriend, she saw the missing car plate, so went back to the scene and retrieve it because your afraid that we might track you down.
Remy Ong, it's a small world huh? None of the cyclist acutally knew you were Remy until i gave up your identity.

Going viral on Facebook... I believe I have seen dogs around NSRCC/Changi Coastal area... It's like seeing another cyclist being knocked down... What's wrong with driving a little slower?

If the driver here had hit a cyclist/pedestrain, would the same have happened... Strangely, in a separate incident... I believe where a cyclist was hit, the car's plates also dropped and the driver drove away... I guess justice has it's way of making sure the guilty is not let free. Or so I like to think.


  1. that's a unfortunate accident...
    hope drivers can look out for bikers.
    Really worry for my safety

    1. Hi Alan, it is indeed unfortunate. Actually, in general, attitudes towards bikers have been improving... Ride defensively and you should be fine!

  2. unfortunate and true, however 1000s of roadkill out there and not a single picture and not even viral. give the dude a break.

    1. Very true, birds, rats, nobody really cares. But when does one care?

      A cat? A dog? A toddler? I'm not targeting him Remy Ong in particular, just drivers who hit and run. If one can stop and try one's best to save the life (regardless of whether who was at fault), I can rest a lot easier.