Monday, April 18, 2011

Radical Stimulus: Travel Movies

This was what really got me thinking that a long distance bike trip is possible and was an interesting watch. I took some time to watch it, since it's a couple of episodes long! Fun. I wanted to do what he did after watching it! Get your motivation up!

I have not watched this movie yet though... Anyone wanna give me reviews?

Another mad mad video on a crazy crazy distance mountain bike race. It's so long... that the gap between each rider can be a couple of days apart. Truly epic.

Most recently I caught this movie, beware though it has a sad ending. But it kinda gave me a strong message about materialism and doing things in life.

God I miss my bike.


  1. Moto Diaries is interesting, but it's better if you read the book if you are really into the full story. Note that La Poderosa (the name for the Norton 500) broke down in Chile and thus they started doing By Any Means (an average touring show) to Venezuela.

  2. Ah, what about the one with Ewan McGregor? Also a motorcycle journey?

  3. Yes, but Long Way Round/Down is longer in distance, though there's a support crew shadowing them. It's larger in magnitude, but not so garang as... uhh Rob Lilwall's endeavour.

  4. Oh I must check those out! Thank you!

  5. I really enjoyed being immersed in Into the Wild. Consumerism and materialism is quite sickening these days... all of us need to find time to consciously get away from it!
    Ride safe! :)

  6. Yes quite right, he was just traveling and without a single penny!