Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reporting traffic incidents for cyclists: Collision with Taxi

This is more of a re-post from my personal blog... Since my dad recently told me that the police has sent me a letter regarding the incident. Not sure about the letter's content though.

Basically I was cycling home from school, on Bukit Timah Road. heading towards Adam Road from just before National Junior College. Bukit Timah road is a rather nice place to cycle, especially the direction of which I was heading. It always felt like a really minor descent, nice straight road with few traffic lights and decent sized road width. I was spinning on full outer, going faster than usual. But being careful, as most cars think cyclists move at the speed of pedestrians. Cautious about cars about to enter the road from the left and buses that were overtaking me.

Right, so I was spinning saw some dude flagging for a taxi. Just before the bus stop for NJC under the bridge. Next thing I know, from the corner of my eye, coming from the right. A yellow city cab. A new Hyundai Sonata. Red brake lights come on. I'm on the brakes hard. The Taxi swerves in. My rear tires start to skid. I endoed into his rear bumper.

I looked at the guy who flagged the Taxi, he was obviously in a rush to go somewhere. Staring at me. I gave him a "you still want to take this taxi I'm gonna start yelling at you look." And he started running away, to try get another taxi. The driver still oblivious to what has happened was wondering where his customer went. And slammed on the boot of the taxi and he got out.

The picture shows the first thing he did when he came out. I'm fine thank you. After his inspection he asked me in Mandarin, "You hit my car ah?".

I replied" Ya, you didn't see me ah?"

"Never, really never"

"IC please."

"Why you want my IC", takes out his IC.

"I want to make a police report." Actually, I just wanted to "take" down his details and basically scare him so he doesn't drive that way again.

"Boy, No need make police report la. Why you want to make?"

"So that if you do it again, the police has records that you are a repeat offender. And justice will be served."

The taxi driver was pissed, he took another look at his precious bumper and drove off. What really made me angry was that he wasn't the least bit apologetic, didn't care whether i was hurt, and even tried persuading me to do away with the police report.

So, I didn't to make the police report anyway. Who knows? Maybe he has a dozen drivers honking him from behind thanks to his dangerous techniques used to get customers. If he keeps it up, people are going to get hurt.

When I made the police report, I asked the officer, "It's true I was unhurt, but can I make a police report for the record?"

"Actually, as long as a accident involves a pedestrian. You must make a police report. Cyclists are considered pedestrians." The officer said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Ride safe all!

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