Monday, April 11, 2011

My rear shifter cable broke...

I was riding home after work, on a Friday (Does rebecca remind u of anything?). I wanted to take a hill easy, so I wanted to shift up a couple of gears. I pushed the thumb shift and CLICK. I stopped. Looked around to see if anything broke, saw nothing I continued riding. Only to have the gear shifter down instead of up, initial reaction was maybe it just out of tune and shifted down. So I wanted to shift up, but there was zero tension/resistance.

That was when I guessed the shifters itself gave way, although i now know it was the cable instead. I was able to continue riding, the rear dee went to its "natural" position (the smallest cog). Yesterday, I went to inspect the bike and saw this.

Sweet. I searched youtube oh rear dee adjustment as i knew there were such things as lower and upper limits. So what was initially a 24 speed bike, after losing a cog was supposedly to be a 21 speed bike, but the actual usable gears are more like a 18 speed bike( after my bike hack with a paper bag), is now a pitiful 3 speed bike. Thanks to the front dee. Gee...


If any1 is wondering, I screwed the "H" limit all the way to try and get a lighter gearing. Good to know stuff.

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