Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The saddle lock up.

This is how I lock my saddle, at first it was due to fears of my market bike have a quick release system. Now it's just for deterrence. It's some cheap cable lock i got for free. It's on the long side so I had to wind it around my seat post a few times. When I had quick release I wound it up pretty tight. Such that if anyone tries to release the QR, the seatpost will slide in towards the frame due to the tension. Making it impossible to pull out. Overkill really.

This is a much cheaper way to secure your saddle, get an old chain. You probably have a chain breaker if your are a hardcore cyclist. If not go to a bike shop and ask a favour or pay a small fee to get it done. Nice bike shops will give you an old chain free, but try getting one that isn't rusty and clean it up!

Or you could simply wrap it in a old tube, or sew up some rags/cloth to cover the chain. Variations on the path the chain takes it totally at your disposal.

It can really give a slick looks, since you can control the length and alter the material used to cover the chain.

That cable you bought together with your ulock is fine too, just lock it through the saddle rails.

Or if you have a spare U lock... The saddle is a Brooks btw... Premium stuff.

Or just lock it together with your beefy chain my letting the padlock go through one of the saddle rails! Brooks saddle again.

Certain pictures have been taken from here : bikesnobnyc

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  1. awesome! very informative. but i dun think i will wanna leave my bike outside unattended (with or without locks).

  2. :D Thank you haha. Can always can a cheap bike that you don't mind losing :)