Friday, September 23, 2011

First timer at Night Offroad

I went off-roading with a fellow SMBFer and this was his summary (Word for word, picture for picture)!

Tonite was best nite ride I ever had..... Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Despite the rain pouring in the whole afternoon till early evening, I went ahead to do the bf by myself before meeting Starringme(yes that means me) outside sc entrance along T15.

While doing bf halfway thru, I brushed thru some low branches and caught on spiderweb... suddenly, I saw something hanging between my eyes and goggles while ridng...had to throw off my bike and do a sweep of my SBO, helmet & bike.....
At the same time, took a picture of the beautiful lake just after the rain...

When I finished the first trail, I took a shortcut in the woods and join bk T15 to meet Jasper. On the way to Gangsa area before the upslope, I saw a gp of wild boars in the middle of the trail wandering for food...Taken by surprise, I stopped and ready to ditch my bike in case they charged towards me, but they all run into the forest in less than 10s... Laughing
They must be thinking crazy fellow still doing rides after the rain.. Embarassed

We fixed the lights for the nite ride and ride thru sc and wc 1 & 2nd stream. We took a rest at the usual spot and were taking some pics and Jasper suddenly asked me to point the lights at the stream's bank....

Holy shit!!! A 2 metre snake was resting at the bank and it looks very colourful...Took pic and video...

Taking a break

Posing for picture before spotting the snake at the back...

Starringme posing

After that, we head bk from where we come from and ride thru the kampong trail and reach the end of T15. Went straight for our dinner at kopitiam ard 10pm

Damn it...both of us agreed it was a great ride and we had an enjoyable dinner...will be back for more next week... Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Tonite, I will sleep like a king...hahahaha Laughing

P.S: Please leave the wild boars alone if you see them, hardly see them in SG so let them roam around in our little forest so that others have a chance to see them too.


  1. where is this place? mandai? can't remember Singapore has got such nice lake. nice ride though.

  2. Correct! Mandai area, I think it's called Upper Peirce reservoir :)

    Thanks for the compliment!