Saturday, September 24, 2011

Social experiment on bike theft in Vancover

I have also seen one that's pretty viral on youtube, i think that is in New York...

However the one in New York is much more dramatic, instead of Bolt cutters, they used a chisel and hammer, power saw, etc on the lock to attraction as much attention as possible. Again, nobody stopped them.

If these two places at that bad, what do you think would happen if this happened in Singapore?

Do your part! If you see someone trying to steal a bike shout at him and ask if that is his bike. Is either he runs or he says yes. Of course if you are afraid he runs at you shout from a distance!

A nice person at SMBF once said he saw someone trying to steal a bike with a saw, he casually dangled his keys and asked, "What are you doing to my bike?"
The thief said, "Sorry, I got the wrong bike." And ran away. One bike saved!

If you are feeling lucky(or just really pissed at losing your previous bike), you can make a civilian arrest and pin the person down and call the police.

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