Saturday, September 17, 2011

A visit to the Shops follow-up

In a follow up the A visit to the Shops...

As a summary, I visited two bike shops previously and one bike shop insisted that there was nothing wrong with using brake cable housing for the shifters and that my real problem of not getting precise shifts was actually the chain.

What has happened since than? I bought a replacement chain and wanted to find out if the there was any difference, the answer? Well no difference whatsoever.

I bought a KMC chain from CRC(they had a 10% sale going on), apparently stretch resistant! 
 Anyway, since I got a nice chain time to bring it back down to SH Store and let the shop owner honour his word that all I needed for a suitable 9 speed chain. When I got down I told him I had changed my chain, please help me tune the derailleurs.

Him: What chain did you buy?
Me : KMC 9 speed chain
He looks at my bike... Is your components all Shimano? Only if all Shimano than the shifting will work good.
*stares at my bike as if trying to assess the amount of work needed*
Him: The front derailleur also cannot ah?
Me : Ya, it rubs the chain a little.
Him: Ok, $8 if I can solve it, if not you don't charge you a single cent. (With a smirk on his face) This type of thing very hard to say one, I only sell Shimano XT chain so I can only confirm XT chain will work. Your KMC chain I don't know.
Me : Uncle, why you each day tell me different story?
Him: Aiya, you go that C2C la. They only do good bikes, brake housing for shifter won't affect one.

At this point, I'm pretty pissed and absolutely convinced never to go back to that shop again. It has been nice patronizing you for the last 10 years, all the best.

Totally unrelated and at C2C I saw this!

Alternative transportation? :)

Anyway, when I got to C2C I realized that was one more person working there! A friend of mine that I met on SMBF on offroad rides and CRC MOs, cool! The C2C is definitely looking more composed as the shop seems neater and they can probably handle the amount of customers better now.

Back to the topic... Jason changed the housings and cables and told me to test. OMG, SLX IS THE BOMB
It shifted like a dream and I can't wait to bring it offroad. Nothing I rode so far shifted so fast and precise. That's for living in a shell and using really old parts... Cheers!

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