Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New part: Mosso Rigid Fork Aluminum

In my requirements for my commuter, I said I wanted a rigid fork. I went around researching... For a cash-strapped student I wanted something cheap, secondhand is fine. So a quick search at togoparts yielded me a $120 carbon fork(800+g) and a already sold (@$105) Mosso fork(665g). Carbon was a no-no due to it's bling factor, the weight difference in the two was a little surprising in the age of carbon bikes that weigh 2.7+ kg(Not a typo,see World's Lightest Bike).

So I figured, if a 2nd hand seemingly weight weenie(for the budget) fork cost $105, the Brand new price shouldn't be that far off... And since C2C did bring them in I went down to ask, just so happens they are out of stock and off me a carbon wrapped version for around twice my budget. Went home and found some on ebay than Alibabaexpress and made an order.

Below was the unboxing process:

I bought two to save on shipping...
One of the protective skewers broke...
The above that didn't break...

Thick cardboard with lots of tape, bubble wrap followed by a thin foam padding. Not bad for free shipping!

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