Sunday, October 23, 2011

Team Time Trials

Since I came back from Japan in June, I wanted to take part in the Individual Time Trials (ITT) in Sept. So I got myself a Time Trial bike ($600) from Fusion cycles (back in June):
Unfortunately, I was obligated to pass my IPPT before September and I only narrowed did so. And so with insufficient time to train up for the ITT and decided to set my sights on the TTT.

That TTT was today, NTU Cycling Team sent in two teams 36km Sports and 24km Fun Quad:

Finishing times were 53mins27secs (5th place, 40.4km/h) and 41mins31secs (6th place, 34.7km/h) respectively! This is my second time in a race and my first Time Trial, some people say you either love or hate Time Trialing... I say, it is the fastest form of human-powered two wheeled transport (After the velomobile), and the rush you get when hitting speeds of 40km/h and above is pure ecstasy.

I will be back for more (and hopefully a medal)!

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  1. nice... smart jersey too. i don't do time trial, ye. i won't work well in a team :)

    hope to hear more of your racing.

  2. Thanks! Ya nv know if ya nv try!

    The team with your wife at Ocbc looked good!

    I hope so too! Hah