Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News: Vehicle growth rate to be cut

"... Along arterial roads and within the CBD, the average speed was 24.6 km/hr in 2002.

In 2010, the speed improved to 28 km/hr. ..."
-Quoted from http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1156998/1/.html

Well damn! That's pretty slow! Looks like the best place to bicycle commute is right in the heart of the country! In the CBD area!

If the world is looking towards bicycle ownership instead of cars, I don't see why the Singaporean government still doesn't want to give a kick start to bicycle commuting.

1. Numerous Park Connectors have been constructed
2. More bicycle parking spaces have been allocated (In the cases of Tampines & Pasir Ris mrt, both "cycling towns")
3. Police efforts on bicycle theft have been on the rise (More articles of bike thieves being caught and more signs alerting residents are being seen)
4. Bicycle ownership is relatively easy. (Look at the NTUC superstores, $49 for a bicycle! Many many local bike shops within walking distance)

So what exactly is left to do? Lots really!
1. Education on correct locking methods for bikes! All it takes is to spend a few seconds of Singapore's TV broadcast time, for a little as a month! (E.g. Ride-a-bike to work! Save $ and keep fit! But remember to use a good U-lock (20% of your bicycle's value) and you are good to go!)

If everyone locked their bicycles up nicely, would there even be thefts?

2. The higher ups have to set the example, without experiencing it first hand they would not know the problems at ground zero. If a boss cycles to work daily, the lower downs will definitely give it a try (Boss can give incentives!) And Boss here can mean anything from the CEO of SMRT (TAKE A HINT), to Ministers of Parliament, to Minimart & Coffeeshop Owners.

Endless list of advantages here, productivity, less MC, less congestion, etc.

I have more to say but no more time! School is usual excuse. Cheers guys ride safe!

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