Thursday, January 27, 2011

Classics & Hair Stylists

Firstly the bike, definitely a very classic look. Think retro! Throw in all the bright colours, mess it up a bit, Chrome paint job, add that piece of cloth strapped to the frame's top tube(What is called? Toptube protector? Lol.) area and top of handlerbar and you are all set! In the world of fixies and cruisers, this classic bmx just stands out.

Now the Hair Stylists, well Hair Saloons are practically at every turn and I'm not surprised. The average Japanese's hair is ridiculously flaw free, I swear. Every person you look at, their hair just looks great! I mean I know people talk about the girls here all putting make up and such.. But nobody though me that their hair are awesome too!

I'm guessing its no coincidence that there are so many Hair Saloons... ANYWAY, now to my point. These Hair Saloons almost always have awesome looking bikes outside their shop, probably belonging to the Hair Stylists since I see the bikes there everyday. It has to be one of the following: Something that looks like a fixie, crusiers, classic bmx(above), Foldable bike with funky colour combination.

Never the common "mamachari", or step-through ladies bike.

For the Hair Stylists are the trend-setters. Get a stylish bike now!

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