Monday, January 24, 2011

Green hornet

Was walking around the shopping centre and stumbled upon the cinema where the were playing the Green Hornet trailer... Looks good. Just like this bike here.

Wouldn't it be swell if we could just leave our nice bikes out like this? In the middle of nowhere, beside the pedestrian crossing.

If you think you see snow on the tires and seat, yes it is snow. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was walking along and didn't want to stop to take this picture. I was out in the cold for so long!

And the red path that says 自, its a bike path. The red reminds me of the many stadiums in Singapore, although it is a bike path nobody follows it. Much like how it is in ECP and Bishan park. But when it snowed heavily a few days ago, only the bike path was free from snow. Probably has to do with Tar(I'm guessing the material of the bike path) since it is a better insulator and thus retains heat better then concrete, which also means the snow that does fall on the bike path melts away. Leaving the concrete cold (if you know what I mean). Sorry to bother you with such trivial!

Ride safe!

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