Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hiroshima and the atomic bomb.

Tell anyone about Hiroshima and they immediately go, is it the one that got bombed? The atomic bomb?

Yeah, that's the one. That's where I'm currently in right now, and boy is it cycling heaven. All except the crazy temperature... Its about 3 degrees right now... But still, many locals brave the cold and commute without fail.

Oops side tracked... Right, if you ever do visit Hiroshima. Don't even give the Atomic bomb peace memorial a miss. It tells the story of how terrible atomic weapons are and the effect of them on Mother Earth.

If only US gave up their atomic weapons for world peace I'm sure other countries would do the same. But why would the world's most stubborn country do that? The way I see it, the only way anyone would give up atomic weapons, if if everyone does the same thing.

That's probably never going to happen. Until then, the human race is at the risk of extinction.

Happy commuting!

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  1. Have you watched Countdown to Zero?

  2. Can't say I have, will definitely watch it when I'm back in Singapore :) Thank you for the recommendation!