Saturday, January 29, 2011


(Check out the thin cable lock and combination lock, can you see the red piece of paper on the handlebars? Its a warning note not to park your bicycle there, but the next day I don't see the note anymore and the week after a new note is put on. Seems like the authorities are taken lightly. But then again what are they going to do, hundreds of bikes are parked "illegally".)

Cruisers like the above are nearly non-existent in Singapore, although I have seen one parked outside an MRT once. But over here in Hiroshima, its all over the place.

Just look at it. It oozes of cool, all over. Not unlike what you get when you see a Harley Davidson parked.

Its not popular in Singapore probably cause its so big(where do you put such a behemoth in your HDB flat), its probably heavier than your $100 steel NTUC bike, the long wheel base and weight makes it slow to respond and probably thus less nimble, we kinda need gears in hilly Singapore.

All the reasons are not valid in Hiroshima though.

Cruisers do look really good and with tires known as balloons and seats so big I have no doubt it is comfy! I want one.

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