Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your personal parking spot!

Who wouldn't want their very own bike rack aka personal parking spot at your HDB void deck?


  • Its a very in-your-face, parking spot and that means if your keep parking there. People are probably going to recognize you and your bike. Thus, some people might, just might, stop the someone(a thief) fiddling/trying to get your bike.

  • Its beside the letter box, and a path with heavy human traffic. Making doing something unethical (stealing a bike) more unlikely.


  • It has plenty of space around the bike, thus giving the thief plenty of space to maneuver his tools around the bike to get the best leverage to break the lock.

  • This is an old bike rack(haven't seen the new bike racks at a single HDB(Housing Development board) void deck yet though), where having a short lock means only locking either your rear or front wheel. Leaving the rest of your bike vulnerable.

Will you park your bike there?


  1. Errr... when people recognize me and my bike, I worry because whoever want to steal my bike know when to do it. My guess is that bicycle thieves don't fiddle or trying to steal bike, but they test water, e.g. by making some unusual adjustments to your bike, to see how frequent the owner use the bike and will just get your bike in a quick way once the right timing is decided.

    I once (many years ago) stupidly spent more than an hour trying to saw open a pad lock of my bike at Kallang MRT around 8-9 a.m. in the morning on a working day, and to my surprise, no body bothered me!!!

    On the other hand, with only a single bike rack, most thieves might miss this spot, or prefer to "shop" at places where there are more bikes to choose from.

    If have to park there, I would lock to the grills where I can better secure the frame and rear wheel.

  2. Ahh... Indeed, like perpharps they changed the gearing... You lossened bolts... Or worst case its probably glue into the lock's keyhole!

    I tried fiddling with my bike too, no one ever stops me. But I now make it a point to check it out if some is cutting the lock or simply having trouble opening the lock.

    One of my friends has actually used the "this bike is mine" act, he once saw a guy fiddling with a lock. Mr friend took out his bunch of keys and jiggled it, walked over to the bike and said, "What are you doing?". The guy said," sorry wrong bike" and hastily walked away.

    One bike saved, I say.

    Couldn't agree more about using the grills! Definitely more secure.

  3. I did the same thing as your friend, except that it was really my bike.