Monday, July 4, 2011

Malaysia offroad in Skudai! 2nd July

Dead tired from the ride, finally a post! If you are interested in the trail that we went... A word of warning though, we couldn't really follow the marked out trail via GPS... So we just locked onto a direction and rode in plantations! Fun!

There were some really nice views, a nice break away from urban Singapore.

Not long before entering the trails, we started to smell something unpleasant... And eventually came across the source...

And the guy herding the cows was riding a motorbike! He helped as clear the way :) Although there were many freshly deployed land mines ahead!

Heading in a direction with no visible trail ahead meant overcoming certain obstacles along the way! Teamwork! Barbed wire fences, steep loose rocky slopes, beautiful moss covered palm plantations, mad dogs that chase you, scorching open lands, etc!

Notice the rubber tube tied around the tree trunk? I used it to help me climb the many slopes we encountered! But little did I know...

I was pricked by this little caterpillar! Many thorns were in my skin and I was screaming like a girl when I pulled them out... One. By. One. Ouch!

The ride was great with good food too! Macdonalds breakfast, KFC lunch, Cendol break, Prata dinner, Nasi Goreng Supper. Covered about 130km according to my friend's speedo! Legs are still tired!


  1. great ride indeed. lots of trails in Malaysia's plantations. but your choice of meals seem very oily, fattening and plain unhealthy :-)

  2. hahaha, well I will indulge while i still can!