Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The things people say... are getting better.








Above is a link from a local forum in hardwarezone singapore, a famous place for young teens to voice out their dismay and to look up on the latest gossips. Anyway, not so long ago when people on the forum was talking about cyclists, in 9 out of 10 posts, the members always discussed how cyclists need to pay road tax and that they don't belong on the road.

Well there are still those people around but many are now of cyclist defending themselves. It is really something to have a perspective on both sides of the wall, and it takes things like this that show that Singapore is becoming a better place for cyclists however slow it may be.


A shocking post from "crossair" reads:

"Cyclists keep saying why can't the car wait and overtake safely. However it is not the matter of one car. It creates a tailback in the lane the cyclist is in because vehicles are queuing, a few vehicles behind, the situation can be quite chaotic and dangerous as those cars cannot see what is causing the slowdown. In fact in UK, it is called a queue and cyclists routinely pull over onto the kerb to let vehicles through.

Ultimately, everyone will have to recognise that roads are predominantly ruled by cars, hence the dangers to bicycles are inherently present.

Both parties need to play their part to ensure the safety of everyone."


I'm not sure about "cyclists routinely pull over onto the kerb to let vehicles through", in fact i could bet my money that it is quite the opposite! Seeing that cycling in UK is more common and socially acceptable, with better infrastructure like cycle lanes and laws.

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