Monday, January 9, 2012

Firestarters Episode 1

There has been a few local television programs which had dedicated some air time to the humble two-wheeled machine, but thanks to catch-up tv we have the following:

It talks about a Singaporean cyclist who made his own bamboo bicycle and than traveled a crazy distance to prove it's worth! I came across this bamboo bike first in September last year i think, and read a newspaper article and now this.

As a sort of after thought, I keep thinking to myself, how much cycling has been growing. Just head down to ECP on a weekend, and you see the countless leisure cyclists, while commuting I pass by many many other commuters, locals, uncles, aunties, ang mohs with helmets, panniers, blinkers and SPDs, Chinese nationals and Bangladeshi workers in old beaters wearing slippers with no lights in pitch darkness... The list just goes on! God I love cycling!

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