Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First commute to school of 2012!

They say this year is the end of the world, live life to the fullest!

Let me share what's in my commuting bag!
 Column 1: Aleoca Front blinker, Velo 5 Cyclometer, Mars 4.0 Rear blink, Knog backup blinker
Column 2: Light rain coat, cap
Column 3: SAF toiletry bag, GIYO handpump, tire levers, Gorrilla grip / Allen keys, spare tube
Column 4: Force 21 15L waterproof sack.

Although the weather forecast was clear, I decided that bringing my wet weather stuff gave me a peace of mind :) I should write about my experience in wet weather riding soon!

Anyway, the commute to school, was rather peaceful. Light traffic and taking the Mandai route to Old Choa Chu Kang Road and entering the service road of the Catholic cemetery added to the tranquil feel. The commute felt moderately fast, thanks to fresh legs and the Malacca ride.

However on the way back was rush hour, so I decided to cut through Bukit Brown Cemetery instead of the crazy busy Lornie Road or an even longer detour down to Chancery Lane. I was hoping the route was unblocked, as there is much hype at the moment... While riding through, it seems many of the tombstones were maintained and now had wooden sticks with serial numbers. I read they were going to archive every single one, the first such effort apparently.

Anyway, halfway in:

 I nearly fell when I couldn't unclip as I entered a offroad trail where lots of mud looked churned up by horse's hoofs, and two men ahead undisturbed by my appearance discussed about how their tractors were going to enter the area. As I passed, I felt a little sad that the area will be replaced by a road in due time.
 I stopped by at MacRitchie Reservoir, where i captured the above awesome shot. And some others:

Have a great year everyone!

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