Monday, January 16, 2012

I got myself a roadie!

After the Malacca ride, and riding a friend's road bike... I was convinced that I needed a road bike. And as I am a rather avid fan of Togoparts... I found a bike that suited what I wanted... About $600, 105 components... The person selling asked for $700 negotiable... When I got there, I was told the bike wasn't his but his friend's... We eventually settled on $588... Huat ah!

Back from the first ride with the bike and, to be honest, it felt like a a really light mountain bike... Probably thanks to the MTB SPDs I was using, the rather high stem and spacer placement, the seat lower than usual (I have not adjusted it to my liking, little by little I will adjust it till the sweet spot!).

The comfort was incredible, the acceleration extremely addictive, and of course the amount of control I had. All this in comparison with my Time Trial bike, I knew I have made the right choice of getting a road bike haha...

Gear changes are so much quicker again, comparing with the TT bike. This translates to better accelerations as I'm always in the gear I want to be in, when I want it. But it terms of flat land top speed... The aerodynamic advantage of the TT bike is impossible to neglect, I still love my TT!

I am now very addicted to the quick acceleration (how many times I said acceleration?), might use this bike for commutes to school!

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