Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No bicycle lanes, but more space? Game on!

If you refer to my old post on "An Unofficial Bicycle lane", I talked about how great it was to cycle on the small buffer between the double yellow lines and the curb. I'm not alone!

These passionate people for the Lovecycling.net forums have began collecting data on Singapore roads, in a bid to make some additional space for us cyclist. For an example, there are 2 lanes in a one way road, right lane has 4m width, left lane 5m, but a car probably needs only 3m, so can the two lanes be reduced to 3.5 m and leave a 2m gap for cyclist?  And as the article says, it will benefit motorists and cyclists alike!

Cheers for such awareness, and hopefully when LTA is all done with the accidents and floods that have been happening we cyclists can be taken care of too. In the mean time, ride safe and Happy Lunar New year to all!


  1. There are tons of ways to improve road and incorporate bicycles more into our daily lives but moving those bureaucratic cogs up there is hard. Just like "going green"... for how long have SG been paying only lip service but now that the pressure is on worldwide-- they are really moving fast on a lot of matters...

  2. If that is true, I hope they announce their plans first than seek public feedback, before simply deciding on their own and implement it.

    Such is the norm nowadays..