Monday, May 7, 2012

Bike Shop: Radstation

From the origins of Chapter 2 Cycle, a new bike shop has opened!

I went to visit and found these sexy thing!

The rear suspension is like part of the top tube!! Oh my god, I wonder how it performs! Looks so sick!

And would you just look at where the rear disc mounts are! This brings down the Center-Gravity of the bike too... Should perform impeccably! Radstation lend me for review leh!

There was a Focus roadie, the rear mount also seemed pretty cool. It's not your usual where the rear dropout is positioned at the tip of the triangle... Hmm... Great design!

The owner of the shop let me bring out the Tyrell mini velo for a spin too! It was so light and fast! Yet didn't have a menacing position compared to a Dahon Hammerhead. There are Moultons inside too... Too bad it started raining before I could give the Rolls-Royce of mini velos a test run!

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