Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outside AMK Hub...

I saw this on a Friday afternoon, a pretty expensive looking Giant (I thought it was a Trek at first) hybrid:

Would you please look at the front and rear quick release wheels begging to be stolen! Gosh!

Then when I was on SMBF I saw this:

After giving grimacing for a minute, I wondered whether he could have ran that cable lock through his front wheel as well...

Now me being all paranoid about bike thefts and all, I considered where I would park my bike if I went to AMK hub... I figured the exact spot where is bike was being mutilated to be a relatively safe place! I mean, it is parked in front of  AMK MRT for crying out loud! I busy cross-junction, many smokers gather here since they can't smoke indoors. And for the same reason security guards patrol this area and they can't smoke too near the building as well.

So how the thief managed to get away almost completely baffles me. AMK Hub CCTVs, care to help?