Friday, May 4, 2012

Repair/Hack: Knog Front Light to Rear

My Knog front light used to look like this:

But unfortunately, it now looks like this:

Well the story is that I wanted to change batteries, and to do that you gotta push the plastic body that encases the batteries out from its silicon body. And either I was too rough, or I had done it so many times that the LED got severed from the mounts.

Oh well! Time to hack it. It was originally a front white LED, but I already have a better blinker so I thought I could change it to red to mount on me helmet! Alas! I found a red super bright LED in my toolbox (the perks of being en engineering student).
I thought I had recorded the whole process, but turns out I only recorded the part when I was just fiddling with it.
1. Get a soldering iron and melt the solders holding the LED in place.
2. Suck the solder using a sucker
3. Rinse and repeat till there is little solder left.
4. Use small pliers top hold the LED and melt the remaining solder on the mounts, wiggle the LED free.
5. Put the new LED in, put in new solder and cut off excess metal.

Done! This post was inspired by Saving a light by Den

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